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New Site Address

Yes, update you bookmarks. This will be the new location for my Don Ellis site. Sorry no updates lately. But I thank you for your continued visits (about 60 a week, surprisingly).

Our good friend Lionel has re-vamped his Ellis site and it is better than ever. Please check it out.

Multiple Personalities to be released September 19

Okay, I'm slow on this update, but Mighty Quinn bumped back the release date on Multiple Personalities.

In case this update is new to you...Milcho Leviev has recorded a solo piano album of Don Ellis compositions, the majority of which have never been recorded previously! The project was conceived and produced by Nick Di Scala, the mastermind behind the recent Pieces of Eight CD.


Music From Other Galaxies And Planets reissued!!?!?

I said that Shock Treatment would never be reissued. I was wrong. I said that Connections would never, ever be reissued. I was wrong once again. But I was positive that the "Star Wars" album would never, never, EVER be reissued. But Wounded Bird Records did just that. So much for my predicitons on anything.

You can read my review of the album here, though I wrote it so long ago that I don't remember what I said.

Pieces of Eight review, others

The "new" Don Ellis CD is available from Wounded Bird. Above is the cover, designed by yours truly! I wrote a review of the CD, one very similar to my usual rants about Don's music.

I also wrote reviews on all of the odd-metered Stan Kenton charts.

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